We partner with investors to address challenges facing their clients, such as taxes, liquidity, inflation, duration, and performance.

Tax Management

Portfolios often have embedded taxable obligations that can hinder asset allocation changes, reduce the ability to liquidate assets and restrict cash flows. Active derivative strategies can help investors manage those tax obligations by providing offsetting tax outcomes and cash flow.

* We are not tax, legal, or accounting advisors. You must consult with your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before investing with us.

Call Writing Programs

The programs are a way to create income, reallocate capital, and reduce risk. Call writing programs are an excellent tax management tool. Programs can be designed to meet specific goals in a risk-controlled fashion.


We work with clients to help them achieve specific goals or to solve a particular problem in their portfolio. Derivative-based strategies are a tool that can provide the flexibility, transparency and liquidity that is needed to achieve desired outcomes. An example of this is Annuitization Replication where we replicate various annuity return profiles with respect to yield, equity participation and duration at significantly lower costs than an insurance company.